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”Choosing Kevin Sbraga to consult with OTG in the development of Philadelphia International’s Independence Prime proved to be a great decision. 

His expertise and guidance with everything from menu development, recipe testing and staff training played a critical role in the launch of the award-winning Terminal B restaurant. Kevin provided an ambitious vision that complemented the modern steakhouse tavern concept, executed through the development of upscale food and beverage offerings, while streamlining operational tactics, to propel OTG’s reimagined American Airlines Experience at Philadelphia International Airport.

We look forward to working with Kevin again in the near future.”

rick Blatstein, CEO, OTG



Vanessa Beahn is Kevin Sbraga’s business partner and Creative Director. Assisting with branding, social media content and website as well as food photography.

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“Eimer Design is more than an architecture firm. We are a close-knit studio of architects and designers dedicated to creating innovative spaces.”

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PROJECT development

“We are widely experienced in curating the intelligent placement of food and beverage professionals and providing ongoing liaison services between talent and ownership to ensure continued project success. “



“VII Principles (VIIP) is committed to providing our partners with a holistic approach to food safety. By developing a relationship with the local regulatory agency, VIIP will continuously and competently represent our partners’ best interests. VIIP possesses the local ‘know how’ and food safety expertise to facilitate the vision of our partnerships. From concept to operation, we are determined to heighten the food safety awareness of all staff members through our proactive methodologies. Consider us an integral part of your team.”


Food hall operator

“We create a “sense of community” by collaborating with developers and municipalities for the most unique, socially conscious, authentic food halls. Through innovative dining options, we are able to foster superior economic value and great branding opportunities for participating owner-operators, merchants, property owners and municipalities.”